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Having evolved to become a full partner in business development, information technology supports your strategic business objectives by combining human intelligence and technology to work together for your advantage. Distributed data networks are a key link in this process, enabling businesses to become more responsive to an ever changing marketplace.

Using industry-standard products, a distributed data network can be tailored to your specific operational objectives by using existing business models. In contrast to traditional data-processing methods, which required business practices to be adapted to the limitations of the computer, distributed data networks are designed to enhance the way you do business.

Sharpen your competitive edge with an information partnership tailored to your objectives in: financial, marketing, and business systems applications. Our applications are transactions based, to deliver relevant information where it is needed in a timely and accurate manner. Comprehensive packages include decision support using consolidated reporting and expert interpretive analysis.

The art of publishing is in the exploration of new forms of communication. Electronic publishing is as revolutionary as it is innovative, creating entirely new means of expression to reach an ever expanding audience. A phenomenon without precedent, electronic publishing synthesizes the best of traditional media with unlimited possibilities for enhancement. Its appeal crosses all boundaries to capture the imagination of millions.

Communicate your ideas to a world-wide audience in an original display of creativity and innovation. State of the art features transform your world-wide network presence with interactive formats specially designed for company and product profiles, commercial transactions, and creative publications.

We guide your electronic publication through all phases of production, from design to implementation. A full-cycle electronic publishing program developed by Global Perspectives will add a new dimension to your products and services.

CyberMarkets promote your business by targeting customers with an established interest in your product. Using the vast resources of the global telecommunications network, CyberMarketing places your products at locations which are readily accessible to your customers. It compliments existing marketing programs by delivering a more direct and detailed message.

Major advantages of a CyberMarketing program include:

We research available networks for your target markets and deliver a custom CyberMarketing program designed for: strategic placement of advertising displays; the creation of rapid response databases; and the development of interactive host sites.

To be global in scope means offering a consistently high level of quality and service throughout the world. Its strength is in the immediate recognition of a product, appealing to a very diverse customer base. The message communicated is universally understood, reflecting ideas and values which your customers have in common.

A global outreach program serves a practical purpose. As historical barriers of transport, communications, and financial transactions are rapidly being made redundant, a global outreach program enables producers to reach a broad marketplace without the burden of adapting their products to narrowly defined market segments.

While it is indeed a dynamic operating environment, the concepts which succeed in the global marketplace are most often those which have primary resonance. By identifying those qualities of your products and services which have common appeal, they can be transformed to your advantage.

Anecdotes about the embarrassing consequences of introducing of products into export markets, illustrate the dangers of applying preconceptions of consumer preference on a larger scale. Claims of toothpaste to "Remove the yellow" in Japan; automobiles that "Don't go" in Latin America; and beverages that "Bring your ancestors back from the dead" in China, were somehow lost in translation.

Each of these products appealed to primary demands, common to most consumer markets everywhere; yet the attempts to apply home market jingles to export markets resulted in an incongruent marketing approach. As compared with niche market strategies, it is a genuine challenge to identify those aspects of a product or service which have common appeal in all markets.

Product recognition is a bankable asset, playing a key role in business development. Together with other elements of an effective marketing program ( advertising, placement, distribution, packaging, and customer relations ), world-wide product recognition depends upon identifying a primary market having the widest possible scope.

We offer a product recognition program to communicate those unique characteristics which appeal to all customers. Product recognition at this level of significance depends upon differentiating those aspects of a product or service which offer a distinctive advantage. Within the scope of the world marketplace, segments are identified by those characteristics which make the product distinctive from locally available goods and services.

International capital investment by its very nature entails a long-term commitment of resources to an external marketplace. Decisions to pursue capital investment projects in other parts of the world depend to a great extent on the ability to dedicate human and economic resources to the investment for an extended duration.

We evaluate capital investment proposals from an objective, long-term perspective by expanding relevant economic, financial, and market factors to include:

Endogenous Factors: Comparative Factors: Exogenous Factors:
Market projections.
Construction outlays.
Ongoing expenditures.
Expected returns.
Competitive position.
Available infrastructure.
Skilled labour markets.
Funding sources.
Economic growth variables.
Regional integration.
Pending trade agreements.
Currency trends.

In assessing their impact on the prospects of a capital investment project, these and other economic factors are subjected to empirical analysis based on the probability of likely outcomes. Elements of risk and opportunity are combined to generate a defensible portrayal of the capital investment project in relation to its intrinsic operating environment.

When expanding into international markets, methods of financing business investment may be very different from more customary sources. The financial structure of a given project depends on a number of characteristics which are specific to the project's scope and duration. Matching your business plan with the appropriate financing is key to the success of an overseas business venture.

The nature of the investment, ranging from fixed plant to highly liquid treasury facilities, remains the primary determination of the type of investment financing to secure; yet a decision regarding which financing alternatives to pursue requires insight into the array of investment finance structures commonly practiced within the territory under consideration.

In order to accommodate the financing requirements for investment opportunities abroad, a complete evaluation of available funding sources is required before embarking on the project. We offer the international investor comprehensive investment advisory services to identify financing sources which correspond to investment opportunities within the markets under consideration. As part of this service, we perform empirical evaluations of investment proposals and prepare offering presentations for prospective investors.

Transacting business with other currency markets is one of the most intriguing aspects of operating in the world economy. Established companies, with a long record of doing business around the world, can experience significant fluctuations in earnings due to currency exchange risk. More recent entries into the international market can easily become overwhelmed by the complexities of transacting business in multiple currencies.

As the largest market in existence, currency exchange transactions are an integral feature of the world economy. Participation in this market requires businesses to define their priorities for managing both the risks and opportunities associated with exposure to intercurrency transactions.

We offer clients, ranging from new ventures to multinational organizations, an insight into currency risk management gained from more than 30 years' experience in the world economy. A complete assessment of business-related intercurrency transactions is performed and a program of action is designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

In an world economy characterized by instantaneous communications and around the clock trading, volumes of empirical data exist to influence the course of commercial activities. To interpret this deluge of information, a business must clearly define its economic priorities for operating in the global economy.

By providing objective economic analysis, our priority is to interpret current market conditions and trends as they relate to our customers' international market position. We concentrate on issues which have a direct impact on the success of business operations:

Competition, pricing, and market share;
Relative prices and costs between different markets;
Effects of projected growth rates on continuing business operations;
Fiscal incentives and their impact on local market conditions; and,
Sensitivity to changes in market trends.

Business interruptions resulting from war, revolution, and natural disasters are unavoidable risks in the world marketplace. Few places in the world exist in this permanent state, however, and commercial activity resumes soon after most crises reach a conclusion.

Less dramatic, but more important to commercial operations, is the impact of market developments on business activity. These developments cover many facets of local and international commerce involving: economic trends, key market players, product development, competition, and pricing.

Continuing market developments are monitored closely and interpreted according to their expected impact on commercial operations. We work in partnership with these operations to identify areas of immediate and long-term concern, and then deliver accurate and timely information for use in the decision making process.

Responding to a business downturn challenges established operations to adapt to changing market circumstances. When our clients are faced with a business downturn, we provide an objective assessment of the current market situation and tailor recommendations to improve their market position. This often involves transforming existing norms of operation into those which are oriented towards achieving results.

For a program of action to successfully respond to a business downturn, it must extend beyond a reliance on trendy phrases such as Business Process Re-engineering, Total Quality Management, and Management by Objective. While these approaches are derived from specific circumstances experienced in a given industry or market, they are unlikely to relate to your current situation.

A successful resolution of a turnaround situation relies on the effectiveness of the strategy being implemented. Our approach is to provide a pragmatic, results-oriented program, involving all participants, and designed to meet the requirements of a specific situation.

The global economy in the next century will be as fundamentally different as the present day economy is to the preceding century. Adaptation and leadership have become the watchwords in international management as the global economy enters the 21st century.

A framework for the products and businesses of the future is reflected in the continuing development of multinational agreements relating to the world economy. Multilateral agreements covering economic unions, international trade relations, transportation, telecommunications, health, education, and a host of other fields, chart the course of global commerce for the not so distant future.

While progress is rarely steady, there are identifiable trends resulting from this framework which work to the advantage of domestic and international commerce. We offer your business insight into these trends and can demonstrate how your organization will benefit from an operational framework developed by these multinational agreements.

Whether you are expanding into new markets, or building upon existing investment, your success in the world marketplace is supported by the value-added products and services offered through Global Perspectives.

Our business is technology-based, backed by more than 30 years of international experience. We provide practical solutions for a dynamic business environment, where rapid developments in telecommunications are reaching an ever widening marketplace.

In providing value-added solutions, our objective is to harness the power of information resources for expanding access across world markets.

By improving access to information across multiple business segments, your enterprise is guided towards achieving its outward-oriented business objectives.

The enterprise approach offered by Global Perspectives combines the resources of all business segments in order to project a consistent and positive image for the entire business enterprise.

In practical terms, the enterprise approach leads to: increased revenues, more effective time-to-market, improved customer relations, and any business objective which depends upon building consensus for its effective realization.

We concentrate on areas where the objectives of different business operations coincide. This involves close coordination among: Business Development, Financial Management, and Strategic Planning throughout recurring business cycles.

Information technology is adapted to the economics of the enterprise, for improving communications between the business and its investors, suppliers, and customers.

Areas of common interest are identified, and the means are developed to exchange critical information among different business segments, thereby adding value to the enterprise.

Location: Based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California since 1985, Global Perspectives delivers management solutions throughout the world.

Products: Project Management and Software Engineering for Information Technology, Business Development, Financial Management, and Strategic Planning. We offer a consultative approach to the custom design and implementation of business systems applications.

Industries: Manufacturing, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Financial Services, Electronics, Software, and Internet Development.

International: Barcelona, Chicago, Copenhagen, Geneva, Hamburg, Lausanne, London, Milan, New York, Paris, Phoenix, Rome, San Francisco, San Jose, and Stockholm. Affiliates and partnerships on all five continents plus Oceania.

Principals: Richard McMullen - General Partner, International Management Consultant

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Post Office Box 2731, Danville, California, USA 94526
Telephone: +1 408-658-0920
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